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The artist that I was speaking of in the previous post? Name is Zak Smith. I don’t know that the pictures on that page really come off as well on the internet, especially that self-portrait that leads the page, but scroll down to the picture of the girl in the nearly invisible white tank-top on the left and you’ll see what I was getting at: it’s not all surface. I don’t know how I feel about his abstractions. They don’t really seem to go as many places. They resemble bulletin boards like you see in teenage girls’ rooms, all covered with photos and pop culture refuse, but if you know anything about what I’m talking about, you know those are already put together like pieces of abstract art (and I’m 100% sure he knows that) – so then you can’t really make it say much meta or anti-meta. Not sure. There are some that seem to take a riff from comic books, but I don’t know – it’s something I’ve thought about, and it’s not where I’d want to see it. Hmmm.

He’s younger than me, and since I’m basically a character in a Martin Amis novel – seriously, I’ve got a trigger somewhere, don’t find it please, don’t get me started – I’ll admit it, it bugs me a little. You know, whatever. Doesn’t matter. More important is that people make interesting things. This: it’s accomplished stuff and what’s better is that it is interesting.

but if you are talking about REAL glamour

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check this out. This work? Is excellent. Seriously. This is the face of glamour, ladies and gentlemen.

oh, and

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I have actual links to things I enjoy in the links section of the blog, now, so look and partake of fun.

Lucy is my batgirl

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There’s this meme on Livejournal now where people are drawing Batgirl. Cute, huh? But I won’t lie: Batgirl never meant shit to me. Lucy, however. Lucy kicks ass. So.

tap-dancing and such

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Good week for comedy tho. Yes, thoughts of comedy will keep me from biting my fingers off. Here’s a few highlights.

Daniel Davies once again defeats the blogosphere, as is good and just.

Dr. McNinja.

Paul Deignan, hero to the peasantry.

I too love New York. From a safe distance.


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Thank you genius WordPress for devouring my css modifications and basically causing me to reinstall you three times before finally getting around to replacing yer dippy hello world message.

20 GOTO 10

If MT weren’t a spam magnet and didn’t ask for a pinky toe each time you download it I would be the hell over there by now. Lord knows I won’t be doing any redesigns anytime soon.

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