if: 80’s, and make-up work

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Fri 19 Jan 2007 12:22 am

Okay, it’s not that I’ve been not doing Illustration Fridays for the past month or so, it’s that I haven’t been doing them in time. So let’s backtrack a bit and I’ll drop comics and try to explain what I was thinking or just gabber on about semi-related stuff.

help! barbarians approaching!  food prices skyrocketing!

I started out just goofing on terrible adventure situations, but two panels in I realized I had found a gate into Dick Cheney’s mind.

I left some old salami there. We’ll see what happens!

in pace resquiat

This one is pretty hermetic, I think. That’s ok.

I am risen!

If my life really heads south maybe I’m gonna be one of those guys who gets a samurai sword and runs around in the mall until the cops tazer him. I just decided this. You gotta keep your options open.

And, the current theme:

the age of miracle and wonder, long-distance calls and shit

Ok so nostalgia’s a pretty powerful force and you find yourself wanting to return to some version of the past where everything was safe, and yet new, where everything is a discovery – I think that is what I most miss. I mean, I was cynical then, but there were still cultural frontiers that held me in awe and made me want to join in, people singing about things I felt (though you had to really look) and just a space in the media, a sensibility to which I belonged – and that was very much in the 80’s. In fact I spent a lot of time looking back at parts of the 80’s I was too young to appreciate… I think many of my cohorts did. It’s not that now is alienating, it’s that it feels like an undead version of the 80’s, and I’m a ghost that’s bumping around in a strange undead body haunting my interests.

I don’t always feel that way, but sometimes. Maybe a lot. So I understand the urge to bring the 80’s back forever.

On the other hand, tons of f’ing nuclear weapons poised to blow up the world.

Yeah, bringing back the 80’s forever isn’t a real smart idea.

if: mask

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 14 Dec 2006 9:36 pm

no one understands her.

Really, what else could she possibly do?

if: might (i got bored)

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 7 Dec 2006 11:37 pm

the might of the securitron

Hi guys! It’s been a while. I got bored.

Illustration in terms of exploring media is not that fun to me. Exploring media is more a fine-art thing, something where you can’t just throw a simple word out, like “clean,” and come up with interesting ground for long. To pursue media, you really have to be either entirely free to explore, or (if you’re serious), focused on your particular direction. For me, Illustration Friday was simply a way to get in the discipline of doing something for the internet on a routine basis. The comments were nice, but that was the point. And that’s been achieved: I put that effort now into my comic.

I’m posting again because I found a new way to make Illustration Friday work for me. I’m back into cartooning heavily, and finding that I want outlets besides my online comic, which has a very particular tone to it. (The tone of howling madness, bewilderment, and despairr!) So what I figured I’d do is dedicate this blog to three-panel sequences. They aren’t necessarily going to be funny or even have a point, they’re just explorations in putting pictures in sequence, kind of a freeform formal exercise. I’ll use Illustration Friday and various other internet memes and possibly my library of books once again as jumping-off points. There will be little experimentation with media, though: just three black and white panels per post.

This comic reads like a Carol Lay cartoon, and what I’m going to do here in the near future will also follow that path, because Carol Lay is one of my very favorite cartoonists on this still somewhat green Earth.

if: capture

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 10 Aug 2006 8:25 pm


Ok, I’m trying to keep up here!

I hardly have anything up on the walls and it’s getting to be a problem, I think. The thing is, as an artist, the stuff I’ve made to put up hasn’t functioned as decorations so much as self-criticism magnets. I mean, you don’t look at your sofa and go, damn, that one line is really bothering me. Why is it there and not here?

So the next few IF’s I’m gonna use to drive compositions that I’m going to – going to – be putting up on my walls! The final products, supposing they look good enough to get that far, will be large collage/ acrylic assemblages, I think 4 feet tall. Their dimensions will be identical. There will be 5 of them and they will go up in my little, bare-walled bedroom.

This one, based on “capture,” is a composition sketch for one piece.

5 pictures in all. I said it here, it means I’m gonna do it. (#2 is “opposite,” that one theme I missed – still gonna get to that one!)

Actual things on the walls! Finally, right?




if: clean + sacrifice

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 3 Aug 2006 2:34 pm

the importance of good hygiene

Self-portrait of me in the mornings.

I have been pretty bad about this lately, and I’m not sure many people at Illustration Friday are going to get to see this, seeing as how it’s Thursday afternoon – this is more for the three or four of you out there that have this blog on your blogrolls. Yes, I’m still around. Cough. Ooh, dizzy.

I never did do one for “opposites” – I couldn’t think of anything, and that one should be pretty easy, right? – but “sacrifice” was an inspiration for one of my Nobody Scores! comics, where most of my efforts are going these days. Here’s a teaser:

it's really a bad sign.

You can click on it to see the whole thing, if that sample failed to warn you away, which it should have. I’m telling you, no clicky.

I’ll try to do make-up work on “opposites” next week along with whatever other theme rolls around. Yes, teacher. I’ll be good now.

if: skyline + sticky

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 13 Jul 2006 12:49 am

Been a little while, huh? Well, let’s start this properly.

First, we bring the noise for “skyline”:

rock yr. skyline

And then, once we have brought down the house, the other house, that house over there, and all the local condominums, we make up for lost time. No, I have not forgotten last week’s theme. In a schoolhouse far away, a mischievous little boy gets carried away with the “sticky”:

it's a veritable cache!

I never did this. I was good. Yes. But I always had respect for extremes. This kid would have been a hero.

He’d also, probably, have been toothless. Mighta cut down on his appeal somewhat.

So I was in sunny Vancouver, B.C., celebrating the 4th Canada Day well outside the States, hence my absence. Pretty amazing city, all in all. Polite and pedestrian-friendly Canadian and beautiful landscape and beautiful people and, very much unlike the American part of the Pacific Northwest, perky! Except for that one street with the druggies and hookers. But go! Go there if you haven’t been. I command it.

illustration friday: rain

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Wed 28 Jun 2006 12:04 am

i can't stand the rain

Some days I’m like Missy Elliott, some days this right here is fantasy illustration. This is one of those days. Seriously, Portland, I moved away from Texas so’s I don’t have to deal with this crap. What’s wrong with you?

Alternately, I could work in a nice big anonymizing but – but – refrigerated cubicle farm again. Seriously, 102 degrees and no AC – that was my real life Monday; Garfield’s got nothing on me; oh wait that is always true – 102 degrees and no AC and you’ll be fantasizing about all kinds of things you wouldn’t imagine otherwise. Ah, sleet! How I missed you! Running down my back all icy and pneumonia-causing. Ah, bathtubs full of guacamole! Uh. Ok I should stop now.

illustration friday: dance

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Tue 20 Jun 2006 9:55 pm

ah said dance!

This scene is supposed to be playing out in the Old West, but you never know the way things are these days.

Since I started doing the comic strip I’ve had little spare time for IF, but I’m still going to do it – I just haven’t figured out how I’m going to scale back from doing relatively major productions. I might backpedal into just doing sharpie doodles, or something else that I hope would be interesting concept-wise maybe more than technique-wise. On the other hand maybe I’ll get real inspired next week so who knows?

illustration friday: jungle

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Tue 13 Jun 2006 11:29 pm

I’ve drawn a ton of jungles. As a matter of fact there have been two comics that I developed to various stages of incompleteness that put jungles center stage. One was called Savage Creatures and was about a documentary film crew. The other, more recent one, was called The Cynical King. A bit too high-concept for its own good, it was about a tiny, tiny tropical island and the king who ruled it. I decided to resurrect it for Illustration Friday: redrawing one of the comics, colorizing it, and presenting it on this here blog. This is a image Large enough to force me to use German grammar. That’s right, here we go:

bastard lemurs!

Brief introduction to the characters: big guy’s named Maurice, and his job is all governmental & defense duties on the island. Mostly he’d rather be relaxing in the sun, watching girls, and playing video games, and the way I look at it he’s got a point. The woman’s named Sara. What you can’t tell about her from this comic is that she is a trained ninja badass as well as an ooshy gooshy animal lover. The eponymous King is not to be found in this comic. Among the little island’s very few natural resources is a unique ecology, each facet of which seems designed for maximum inconvenience to humans. You can’t tell from the art but the atmosphere is – and I have notes on this – 50% flies. The bastard lemurs are inspired by (if I recall correctly) the keas of New Zealand, birds that will descend upon your car entirely unprovoked and rip its trim to little pieces. Hostile ecology is fun, and good practice for the new comic strip I’m working on, which should see the light of day on Friday.

illustration friday: portrait

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Tue 6 Jun 2006 8:07 pm

yeah, yeah, hail SatanYeah, yeah.

I’m putting the wraps on my nice little collection of sketches of real-life people (depressingly few hot girls) when my dark master sidles up to me, all “did you look at the calendar?” and I’m all “what the– aw, CRAP” and she’s nodding and smiling, all “there’s only one possible subject for portraits today, am I right?” and I crack wise: “Slayer?” and then the hurting. Look, religious people may get all smug about the piece of information I’m about to impart, but take it from me, because you don’t really realize how true it is until you experience it: Satan’s a bitch.

Doesn’t really smell good either.

Hey, you IFers that manage to drop by: are you noticing fewer new people coming by since the design change? I’m getting a few comments, but the vast majority of them are by people who’ve been coming by and commenting for months (for which I thank you, you’re very nice) and very very few from new sources and I’m wondering if anyone else is noticing the same, that traffic seems to be dropping.

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