illustration friday: cake

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Tue 30 May 2006 11:10 am

happy berfday to yooo

Yup. I’m calling this piece “Self-Portrait of the Artist in 20 Years”.

illustration friday: sorry

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 25 May 2006 1:11 am

sorry dude

Yeah, I stopped living with roommates after sophomore year of college precisely so I wouldn’t be working from real-life memories when drawing pictures like these. I have no terribly terrible stories to tell. One got addicted to Tetris and played it at all hours. Another liked anchovy pizzas. See? No battle scars.

I guess that means it was me that was the nightmare!

Also also also the first featured picture of my portfolio site just happens to fit this theme, if you’re interested in looking at more.

illustration friday: angels and devils

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Tue 16 May 2006 12:44 pm

cosplay at the 46th annual John Milton symposium

Cosplay at the 46th Annual John Milton Symposium*

~ or ~

A Post-Existential** Tribute to the Works of Daniel Clowes***

*If any single other IFer has taken this tack I shall procure a hat and eat it.
**If anybody knows a good solid adjective in the vein of “eschatological” that means “studies of and relating to beliefs of the afterlife” I’d love to hear it; I’m winging it here.
**Interesting video of a Dan Clowes interview to be found here.

illustration friday: fat

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Wed 10 May 2006 10:30 am

fat don't like you

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that my style is kinda phat, reminiscent of a whale, but referencing an early-90’s song that uses the word “phat” would demonstrate that my ass is kinda old, reminiscent of a raisin.

The other thing I was gonna draw for this was a scene from a Green Day concert I attended. This was in 1995, just after Dookie got big. So the friends I was with were definitely not punk rockers and neither was anyone else in the audience except two girls behind us. You could tell they were for real because they sang along with “Tainted Love” when it came on the PA during the pre-show. Anyway, once the moshpit had gotten nice and established, Green Day had this fat guy from the audience jump off the stage for crowd-surfing. It wasn’t just the guy doing it, the band was playing along with it, they made a point of doing this stunt. These may not have been punk rockers in the audience but Green Day were definitely still punk. So the guy jumped… and wow. That crowd parted like it was the Red Sea. Total dispersal. Bellyflop. Whap.

The guy didn’t go home in a stretcher or anything, so I assume things were generally ok.

Anyway, I would have drawn that, but that also would have demonstrated that my ass is kinda old, reminiscent of a raisin.

Illustration Friday is pretty now, but I’m not sure I like the changes. They seem to make things more hierarchical, and the prime virtue of the site (in my mind) is that it’s so egalitarian. That “featured artist” bit may not be a contest, but it kind of looks like one, nothing against Roz Foster or anything. I like drawing communities. I hate art contests. We’ll see how things work out.

illustration friday: under the sea

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 4 May 2006 1:14 am

Goddammit we already did this one!

Ok, fine. Here.

would you like to have a vacation under the sea?

Obviously that song got stuck in my head the way it did for hundreds of other IF-ers, so I had to counteract it as quickly as possible, reaching for mobsters. Luckily mobsters are always fun to draw. The second thing that sprung to mind coulda made something fun too. See, at college we’d have unthemed movie nights at the first floor common room. One movie night paired The Little Mermaid with Apocalypse Now. That was a good one. And mixing those together in a picture, that could’ve done something.

But the urgency of getting that song outta my head. You gotta understand.

illustration friday: robot

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Tue 25 Apr 2006 2:55 pm

This one’s a big one. I do not skimp on my robot coverage.

the rrrobot of tomorrow!

Not personally being in the market for droid translators or coin-operated boys, it is my position that this is the direction home robot technology must take. As you can see, the benefits are vast, and I am entirely confident the Supreme Court will find that private ownership of zombie pods is fully protected by the Second Amendment. I figure the cool art-deco World’s Fair style arcologies will just arise spontaneously once the personal transport robot is popularized. And fusion is, of course, excellent.

If I were lazy, I coulda just pointed you all to this portion of my portfolio site, but nah, you’re special. All of you! Who loves you?

illustration friday: spotted

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 20 Apr 2006 1:41 am


Alas and alack!

I knew what I was going to do for this one as soon as I figured out that “spotted” could be a verb. My love for swashbuckling is profound and all the more so since I’ll never ever get to partake in any of it. But even drawing it has its twists and turns: I’d planned to fill this out in Technicolor reds and blues, the better to evoke the Flynns and Fairbankses of yore (a little anachronistic, that, since the picture would be black and white if I were being a stickler for accuracy) – but, it didn’t work with the composition, which is not a very simple gesture and would be thrown off by clashing colors. So with the blue and orange. It makes me think of the Disney Beauty and the Beast, somehow.

I’d visited family in Texas for Easter, and got hung up there a couple of days longer than intended. The joys of flying standby! Parallel the joys of swashbuckling in no wise whatsoever. Hence my lateness this week. I’ll fill in my new “Art Monday” projects tomorrow sometime.

illustration friday: speed

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 13 Apr 2006 10:57 pm


I’ve totally done this.

It’s not gonna come as a surprise to anyone looking at cartoons that maybe their author wasn’t exactly an alpha male in middle school, and they’d be right looking at these: I was a nerd. But most all of us get our chance to shine in the asshole sun.

And really, when you see a seventh-grader board the bus, take a deep breath, and get visibly ready for a full-tilt run towards the back seat…

…I mean, I had people pull this crap on me all the time. I even had a little working empathy in me still. And I liked the kid! Seriously. Not a good friend, but definitely a non-hostile acquaintance. No previous hostilites whatsoever. (None after, I should add.) I felt bad the moment I gave into the temptation. I could see it coming. I knew I could not resist.

Foot out just in time. Total faceplant.




Darius Holbert, you can’t possibly be reading this, but please accept my apology for tripping you on the bus. Or maybe I apologize because of all the bad things I did in middle school (nerds don’t get many opportunities, but let’s just say nerds enforce the violence inherent in the system whenever they can, especially in 8th grade) it’s the only thing I still kind of laugh about. It really… was… perfect.

illustration friday: spring

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Wed 5 Apr 2006 2:30 pm

spring has sprung!

This was gonna be a promo postcard, but I think I’m going to retool it if I wind up using the idea in the first place. I don’t have much to say about it other than the boxing glove with the spring is definitely my favorite kind of spring.

illustration friday: monster

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Wed 29 Mar 2006 11:04 pm

This one’s a two-parter. This first one goes out to all my cubicle-dwelling brothers and sisters. Cousins. Clansmates. Vague acquaintances. People I don’t know at all and am happier for it. Yeah, I don’t miss office politics:

someone's got a case of the mondays

Someone’s got a case of the Mondays!

And then I got to thinking about serious monsters. I didn’t have nightmares as a kid, not really. But I read a lot. One thing I read, and I think I was 8 or 9 at the time, was an article in Discover magazine about night terrors. The thought of it – of being enraptured in unmoving terror by a visage in the corner of your room – this scared the crap out of me! I lost sleep. That’s right, I didn’t lose sleep because there were monsters I was afraid of in my room, I lost sleep because I was afraid that I would think there were scary monsters in my room.

You know, now that I look back on it, that English major was pretty much inevitable.

The goat-form is a bit of an embellishment, but I mostly remember what I thought a night terror would look like. Sweet dreams!

sweet dreams are made of these

Oh yeah and if you scroll down to “feet,” or just click here, you’ll see another picture that coincidentally fits the week’s theme, if that interests you any. I got feet up late so mostly nobody saw it, is why I’m bringing it up.

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