if: skyline + sticky

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 13 Jul 2006 12:49 am

Been a little while, huh? Well, let’s start this properly.

First, we bring the noise for “skyline”:

rock yr. skyline

And then, once we have brought down the house, the other house, that house over there, and all the local condominums, we make up for lost time. No, I have not forgotten last week’s theme. In a schoolhouse far away, a mischievous little boy gets carried away with the “sticky”:

it's a veritable cache!

I never did this. I was good. Yes. But I always had respect for extremes. This kid would have been a hero.

He’d also, probably, have been toothless. Mighta cut down on his appeal somewhat.

So I was in sunny Vancouver, B.C., celebrating the 4th Canada Day well outside the States, hence my absence. Pretty amazing city, all in all. Polite and pedestrian-friendly Canadian and beautiful landscape and beautiful people and, very much unlike the American part of the Pacific Northwest, perky! Except for that one street with the druggies and hookers. But go! Go there if you haven’t been. I command it.

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