if: capture

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 10 Aug 2006 8:25 pm


Ok, I’m trying to keep up here!

I hardly have anything up on the walls and it’s getting to be a problem, I think. The thing is, as an artist, the stuff I’ve made to put up hasn’t functioned as decorations so much as self-criticism magnets. I mean, you don’t look at your sofa and go, damn, that one line is really bothering me. Why is it there and not here?

So the next few IF’s I’m gonna use to drive compositions that I’m going to – going to – be putting up on my walls! The final products, supposing they look good enough to get that far, will be large collage/ acrylic assemblages, I think 4 feet tall. Their dimensions will be identical. There will be 5 of them and they will go up in my little, bare-walled bedroom.

This one, based on “capture,” is a composition sketch for one piece.

5 pictures in all. I said it here, it means I’m gonna do it. (#2 is “opposite,” that one theme I missed – still gonna get to that one!)

Actual things on the walls! Finally, right?




if: clean + sacrifice

by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Thu 3 Aug 2006 2:34 pm

the importance of good hygiene

Self-portrait of me in the mornings.

I have been pretty bad about this lately, and I’m not sure many people at Illustration Friday are going to get to see this, seeing as how it’s Thursday afternoon – this is more for the three or four of you out there that have this blog on your blogrolls. Yes, I’m still around. Cough. Ooh, dizzy.

I never did do one for “opposites” – I couldn’t think of anything, and that one should be pretty easy, right? – but “sacrifice” was an inspiration for one of my Nobody Scores! comics, where most of my efforts are going these days. Here’s a teaser:

it's really a bad sign.

You can click on it to see the whole thing, if that sample failed to warn you away, which it should have. I’m telling you, no clicky.

I’ll try to do make-up work on “opposites” next week along with whatever other theme rolls around. Yes, teacher. I’ll be good now.

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