watching the watchmen

by brandon as book art — brandon Wed 11 Feb 2009 9:03 pm

Rorschach has scored 200 XP! Rorschach has achieved level 2.

Apparently this here picture has regained some slight internet currency what with the movie looming upon us and all. Around the era in which I still updated my art blog, I got a bit of criticism from other comics dorks, along the lines of “that picture is invalid! Everyone knows that Rorschach has symmetrical markings on his mask!” I thought it was pretty stupid at first, because the mechanism of the mask (two synthetic surfaces and an interstitial liquid, as I recall) would in real life have generated symmetrical markings about as well as your shirt generates symmetrical wrinkles, esp. when shit went down. But, I checked the book, and whoop de doo there is Rorschach with symmetrical markings on his face. I guess Moore and Gibbons were making some sort of metacommentary about the iconic status of (super)heroes with that, though I’m not sure I see where that metacommentary was going or if there was a comment behind it at all and not just mindfucking. Anyway, whatever: here is your freaking symmetrically-splattered chibi Rorschach, comics freaks from like three years ago. I serve it with condiments of social disdain. Taste the bitter flavor, and recoil!

A bit more recently I drew this as a bonus graphic to go on one of the posters for my comic. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT

Rorschach has taken 1952 damage! Rorschach has been killed.

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