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by brandon as blog arting — brandon Tue 25 Apr 2006 10:43 pm

Ok, I changed the name of this feature for extra cleverness (blog arting? geddit? art blogging, but in reverse! ahahaha I kill me) – that, and obviously I’m unable to hold to an every-Monday schedule for this so why not screw it. So it’s now called “Weekly Blog Arting” and right now it’s where I just pick a blog entry totally at random from Blogger’s feed on their homepage, and, if it’s not a spam blog, I draw a picture based on that entry. That’s the deal. The previous two entries in blog arting may be found here and here.

Well since I started doing this I knew I was going to wind up stumbling upon some nutjob sooner or later and boy did I this week. This is what I found. Apparently somebody’s been sleeping with The Bell Curve under their pillow. I really don’t want to get into a debate with this one because you can tell by reading him and basic internet experience that he’s one of those who’ll just go on and on and on about the scientific basis of inherent racial differences and how your liberal guilt is shielding you from the truth that brave rational types like him don’t flinch to explore and how can these studies be racist, they’re science and paragraph and paragraph and not ten minutes later you’re wishing he’d have just called you a commie cocksucker and been done with it. So I’m tempting the blogofuries with this one but I already did the picture and I read that Invictus poem the other day and I’m feeling all indomitable and shit so here I go.

Happily there is gold in this entry. I speak of course of comedy gold, and the best part is, it doesn’t directly relate to his politics. Check this out:

How do high IQ people rationalize to themselves suppressing mention of national differences in average IQ—especially when they spend so much time thinking about how they, personally, are smarter than other people?


Allow me to present a visual.


This is hilarious! And, who believes this. I have two interpretations of this line. One is resentment: the liberal elite scientific establishment is looking down on you even as we speak. The other is, well – he’s a smart man, he surely considers himself smart, and he writes a great deal about intelligence studies that put him mostly on top of the IQ food chain… so we can also conclude he’s writing from experience! It crystallizes so nicely. And, it’s such a marvelous image – I shall spend my time thinking about how smart I am! – that I had to draw it.

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