weekly blog arting: the prince

by brandon as blog arting — brandon Wed 3 May 2006 12:39 am

...of darkness!

This week’s randomly picked blog entry started like this:

Dear Prince of all things dark…

Why must you torment me so?
Why do you hover when you are not wanted around…?
Is it cause I am weak?
Or is it cause you are?

Think! Pretty Prince…

and so on. What makes it more interesting is the setting: according to the “about me” blurb the author is a young gay man who has recently come out… in Karachi, Pakistan. I don’t think that’s a put-on.

Now, I’m aware that the Middle East and all the -stans of the world aren’t all the same, and the big population centers of Pakistan in particular are cosmopolitan places much like similar cities in India. But still. Coming out in Pakistan can’t be easier than it is in the States, and it’s not like it’s that easy here… so. Can’t really tell what exactly this Devil of his is doing in this poem, but whatever it is, I gotta wish Ozair in Karachi the best of luck with it.

As for the picture, I don’t really have the time to do a lot of research for these Blog Arting posts, so the contents of this street scene are kind of a mixture of stereotype and conjecture I’m afraid. In other words I have little real idea what the hangouts of this guy on the streets of Karachi look like. I did think his Devil cut an interestingly vulnerable figure, so I emphasized that part.

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