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by brandon as blog arting — brandon Mon 29 May 2006 1:26 am

Ok, this is last week’s. I’m doing one more installment of these and the book art entries (later) tomorrow, and then I’m hanging these up for a while in favor of a more serious weekly project. These will be pieces I hang up at home. If things go real real well I may try to hang them up elsewhere too. So.

It’s lucky I haven’t quit this exercise yet, because this week’s material is fantastic. I give you: exopolitics. “The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact.” Yeeah. This shit is no joke. The stakes are – well, let’s let our author lay it out for us:

As in the 1940’s and 1950’s I believe we again are at a evolutionary crossroads. We have a second chance to achieve a bright evolutionary future. Lets get it right this time else we either are colonized by predatory alien races or fall back into our preexisting environmental niche because of widespread conflicts and environmental degradation brought about by a failure to adapt to the environmental challenges on the space frontier.

they control our HEADS

A little aside here–
Alien domination is, of course, great fun to draw. I like the idea of physical levers that go into the brain to control motor functions, it’s squicky. I figure alien dominators would have trouble interpreting our facial expressions and probably wouldn’t much care what we thought of them so long as they controlled our limbs and all. So we’d be free to roll our eyes and come up with sarcastic nicknames and just insult them all we like. But we do as the head-aliens tell us. In other words my scenario works just like real life.

The thing I adore about this blog is it’s so old school. You gotta think that when 9/11 happened, and all of everybody was going apeshit, all “things will never be the same,” this guy just stared all that cold in the face: this is nothing. We’ve got aliens among us.

So here’s to Mr. Exopolitics. I choose to believe. If nothing else it’s a more interesting future than the descent into ridiculous hooting tribalism that appears to await us at this point in history. I’m watchin’.

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