weekly blog arting: eyebrow shwacking

by brandon as blog arting — brandon Tue 30 May 2006 10:45 am

From the random blog bag, I present this entry:

I’ve never had super bushy eyebrows. But I did have some stray hairs that seemed two or three times as long as the rest of my eyebrow hairs. They’d stick up, or hang down every now and then, and sometimes I’d think about just getting rid of them.

So I got out my electric clippers, intending to level all my eyebrow hairs to the same length.

But I wasn’t thinking very carefully about the depth setting on them. I also wasn’t entirely careful about being even and consistent.

And, well.

it is inevitable.

Yeeeap, life lessons learned. That’s it for “blog arting” for a month or so – new projects to show up in its place, that is, so long as Uncle Eric doesn’t come over here to kick my butt, seeing as how it turns out he lives in the same city as I do; but, you know, thinking about long-term consequences, eh.

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