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by brandon as illustration friday — brandon Fri 19 Jan 2007 12:22 am

Okay, it’s not that I’ve been not doing Illustration Fridays for the past month or so, it’s that I haven’t been doing them in time. So let’s backtrack a bit and I’ll drop comics and try to explain what I was thinking or just gabber on about semi-related stuff.

help! barbarians approaching!  food prices skyrocketing!

I started out just goofing on terrible adventure situations, but two panels in I realized I had found a gate into Dick Cheney’s mind.

I left some old salami there. We’ll see what happens!

in pace resquiat

This one is pretty hermetic, I think. That’s ok.

I am risen!

If my life really heads south maybe I’m gonna be one of those guys who gets a samurai sword and runs around in the mall until the cops tazer him. I just decided this. You gotta keep your options open.

And, the current theme:

the age of miracle and wonder, long-distance calls and shit

Ok so nostalgia’s a pretty powerful force and you find yourself wanting to return to some version of the past where everything was safe, and yet new, where everything is a discovery – I think that is what I most miss. I mean, I was cynical then, but there were still cultural frontiers that held me in awe and made me want to join in, people singing about things I felt (though you had to really look) and just a space in the media, a sensibility to which I belonged – and that was very much in the 80’s. In fact I spent a lot of time looking back at parts of the 80’s I was too young to appreciate… I think many of my cohorts did. It’s not that now is alienating, it’s that it feels like an undead version of the 80’s, and I’m a ghost that’s bumping around in a strange undead body haunting my interests.

I don’t always feel that way, but sometimes. Maybe a lot. So I understand the urge to bring the 80’s back forever.

On the other hand, tons of f’ing nuclear weapons poised to blow up the world.

Yeah, bringing back the 80’s forever isn’t a real smart idea.

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